24 Apr 2018

Multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea in a UK traveller

Report on the first global report of high-level azithromycin resistant (HLAziR) Neisseria gonorrhoeae which is also resistant to ceftriaxone Read more

05 Apr 2018

Worldwide rabies risk reminder

A reminder for travellers of the worldwide risk of rabies Read more

27 Mar 2018

Measles in Europe reminder

A reminder for travellers to mainland Europe to check they are up to date with measles vaccine Read more

20 Mar 2018

Vacancy at NaTHNaC: Senior Information Analyst

Announcing an interesting opportunity for an Information Analyst to join the team Read more

09 Apr 2018

NaTHNaC Webinar Series: Reminder

Getting to Grips with common clinical queries to the advice line Read more

16 Mar 2018

Easter travel

Prepare in advance for a safe and enjoyable trip abroad Read more

14 Mar 2018

Lassa fever on the increase in West Africa

Advice for travellers to Nigeria and the West African region Read more

13 Mar 2018

Zika virus risk in Myanmar upgraded to moderate

Implications for pregnant women, women planning pregnancy and their partners Read more

Outbreak Surveillance

25 Apr 2018 View Regions + Likouala

As of 19 April 2018, a total of 46 suspected cholera cases, including two deaths were reported from two departments: Plateaux (34 cases, one death) and Likouala (12 cases, one death). The three stool samples from Likouala District tested positive for Vibrio cholerae serogroup 01. One of the three samples from Plateaux Department isolated V. cholerae O1 Ogawa serotype. This test showed that the pathogen was resistant to a number of different antibiotics.


Food and water-borne

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25 Apr 2018 Zimbabwe

Between 23 March and 20 April 2018, a total of 36 suspected/ confirmed cases with three deaths have been reported in the suburbs of Harare. Of these, 14 cases have been confirmed, two cases classified as probable and 20 cases remained suspected.


Food and water-borne

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25 Apr 2018 Venezuela

Between 1 January and 15 October 2017, there were 319,765 malaria cases reported compared to 240,613 reported in the whole of 2016. The number of malaria cases reported in 2017 was higher than the annual average recorded in the past 29 years (1988 -2016). The  three  states with the highest number of confirmed cases during 2017 were Bolívar, Amazonas and Sucre.



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25 Apr 2018 Okinawa. Japan

As of 18 April 2018, an outbreak of measles has been reported with a total of 65 confirmed cases. The outbreak was triggered by an imported case from Taiwan in late-March.


Close association

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20 Apr 2018 View Regions + Maryland

As of 10 April 2018, the National Public Institute of Liberia and the Ministry of Health of Liberia have received confirmation that two samples sent to the USA Centers for Disease Prevention and Control are positive for monkeypox. This is the first confirmed Monkeypox in Liberia since 1970.



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